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Partners in Discovery Ltd. & Ultimate Potentials Inc. deliver results that will change your organization.

If you are tired of not seeing the desired long-term results from investing in only training for your employees; you may want to consider marrying training with coaching. Investing in concurrent training and coaching for your employees results in you getting the best out of them. This pays off in hard results for the bottom line.

There is a gap between increasing knowledge and learning. Learning happens when new knowledge or skills are applied and behaviour changes.
Training is a crucial step in learning. Properly designed and customized training programs set the atmosphere to maximize learning by using adult learning principles. Such principles ensure adult participants’ experience is integrated into the group facilitation.

However, training alone results too often in the information lying unused with no behaviour change. In fact, training programs that are not customized or well-designed transfer as little as 10-20% of the acquired knowledge. (Training, 2012).

It is, thus, irrefutable that training well done is, in fact, worthy of investment (Cheng, 2008). A second, crucial element to behaviour change is required – coaching. Both group and individual coaching sessions ensure the knowledge is applied and practiced in the “real-world” environment.

In fact “A balanced combination of on-the-job and off-the-job learning is preferable.” (Cheng, 2008)

Dare to Train and Coach uses the most current research within the fields of emotional intelligence and Personality profiles to train and coach senior management teams to affect change. We help senior management teams to increase their awareness of their primary roles within an organization: Monitor the emotional tone of their team and help members identify and manage any negative effects that results.

The outcome of this simple yet powerful approach is lasting change that occurs from within each individual team member.

The research on organizational effectiveness is very clear- everyone looks to the boss. The boss sets the emotional tone of the team and eventually the culture of the organization.

Dare to Train and Coach knows it is easier to clean up a mess if you can first stop the source of the mess. Starting with the leaders of an organization sets the stage for them to lead and model the way they wish to see their direct reports act. This approach we know builds empathy across the organization and among team members the result? Increased organization effectiveness and efficiency.

• Essentials of Leadership (10 days)
• Stress Management
• Personal Resilience
• Dealing with Difficult Clients
• Collaborative Communication
• Working with Difficult Colleagues
• Transformational Leadership
• Personality Profiles
• Strength Deployment Inventory
• EQi2.0 (Emotional Intelligence)
• The Enneagram
• Personality Dimensions
• Life Styles Inventory
• Building Teams
• Performance Management
• Learning Styles
• Working with Remote Teams
• Conflict Resolution
• Motivation and Morale
• Emotional Intelligence
• Positive Workplace Communication
• Difficult Conversations
• Customer Service
• Executive and Personal Group and Individual Coaching
• Online and Face-to-Face Coaching Training for:
Administrative personnel, front-line workers
Middle and upper level managers
Directors, Supervisors, Educators

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Meet The Team

Genella, author, international trainer and consultant and President of Partners in Discovery Ltd., delivers the training and consulting services for Dare to Train and Coach. Genella’s focus is to improve the quality of personal and professional living. Genella helps organizations, large and small, determine what needs to happen to develop a productive, profitable and psychologically safe workplace. Genella’s background includes experience in human resource management, executive leadership, personal and executive coaching, individual and family counseling and program development and evaluation.

Genella has extensive experience with the training division of the Manitoba Government and has delivered a variety of organizational development workshops including leadership, management, personal development, team-building, time management, personality and communication styles to a range of government departments.

Genella has trained and coached with employees of Fortune 500 companies, non-profit family services agencies, health authorities, Health Canada, Insurance Groups, the Canadian Military, construction and industry. Genella’s experience also includes instructing for local universities and colleges.

Genella holds a Bachelor of Arts (Specialist) degree from Brandon University and a Master of Arts degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Saskatchewan. She also has certificates in Coaching and Mediation Skills. Genella is a qualified trainer in Myers-Briggs, and the Life-styles Inventor. She has instructor certification in the Enneagram, Relationship Awareness (Strength Deployment Inventory), and the EQ2.0 (Emotional Intelligence Quotient). Genella has authored a book on stress management and a book on enhancing “soft skills” in leaders as well as having launched a children’s book called “Tucker Times: The Chase”.

Genella’s workshops are focused on practical solutions for personal and professional challenges such as dealing with difficult clients and customers, working with difficult colleagues, managing conflict through difficult conversations, and leading remote teams. Genella’s workshops are delivered in an interactive, fun, and relaxed environment.

Please call 204-229-2634 or email: for more information on how to maximize living at your Ultimate Potential.

Phyllis is an experienced international executive and personal coach working with organizations and individuals to realize their full potential. With a focus on employee and organizational success, Phyllis’s work begins where trainers and change management experts work ends.

She helps organizations and their employees’ transition through the many change events and skills learning by coaching them on how to put in practice and operationalize what they have learned.

Building on years of strong evidence that shows successful adoption of training and change events hinge heavily on the transition phase- a point in time where employees make sense of or reject what the organization is asking them to embrace- Phyllis uses the powerful skills and tools of performance coaching to work with groups and individual employees to successfully navigate the transition phase of change.

Ultimate Potentials’ coaching programs are designed to contribute to the development of employees and their full economic potential. By using the most current strategies and theories in the field of Coaching, health and wellness, Phyllis facilitates a process for workplaces, families and individuals who are ready to create extraordinary results in all aspect of their lives.

A Professional Certified Life Coach with degrees in Nutrition, Dietetics, Public Health, as well as a Certificate in coaching, Phyllis is the Director of Ultimate Potentials Inc.: Centre for Coaching & Health Services which provides comprehensive executive and personal coaching and health services.

The company specializes in innovative executive coaching services and health training for corporate groups and individuals. She is a member of the International Coach Federation, International Coach Academy, College of Dietitians of Manitoba, Dietitians of Canada, and Consulting Dietitians Network. Phyllis is the author of several books and training manuals. Her most current are the Essential Performance Coaching and IDARE Life training manuals.

Please call 204-229-2634 or email: for more information on how to maximize living at your Ultimate Potential.

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